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Company operating Misoui.com site is Misoui Jakub Kasperek, Sowińskiego 25/175, 01-105 Warsaw. VAT number PL7773180692, REGON number 389921997.
All prices on English version of shop (shop.misoui.com) are shown in Euro and include tax.
International customers are required to check the customs fees in accordance with the policies of their country of import.

Customer can choose to pay by:
- PayPal
- Credit Card – operated by PayU
- Bank transfer

The agreement between our company and the customer will be created at the time of shipment. Posted understanding of the product is according to the law, a binding contract between the customer and MISOUI. The customer has the right to cancel the order if the payment has not yet been processed. If the customer pays for the product, cancellation will be possible based on points 2 and 3 (as stated below).


1.1 If the product has been damaged, the customer must inform us by email at hello[at]misoui.com. Goods can be sent only AFTER a confirmation email has been sent from MISOUI. Please note: the period of repair with the transports can take up to 6-9 weeks, which is why we suggest that you consider whether or not it would be easier to repair the product at a local specialist for faster service.
1.2 Warranty does NOT include: – Natural wear and tear of the leathers (resulting from the natural characteristics of the raw materials) – Wear and tear of the golden accents and accessories – Handles, belts, and other load-bearing objects that are broken due to excessive overload of the product – Change in color of the product due to excessive moisture exposure, rough treatment, and use of improper chemicals on the material
1.3 Please read the rules and guidelines of use for MISOUI and MISOUI HOMME products available at Care instructions.
1.4 In case of a return under warranty – the same rules apply as in points 2.1, 2.2., 2.4, and 2.5.
1.5 The cost of international shipping and bank charges cannot be returned.
1.6 If the complaint is not approved, the product will be sent back to the customer at the expense of MISOUI. If the complaint is approved, the product will be repaired and returned to the customer at the expense of MISOUI.
1.7 If the damage is severe and the product cannot be repaired, the customer will receive a credit voucher for the purchase. The value of which is equivalent to the amount of the purchase. This credit voucher will be sent by mail to the customer and it will be possible to use it on the MISOUI website.

Order Cancellation

Order cancellation applies to purchased products from the MISOUI website. Please pay special attention to the fact that the products purchased with the note: Special orderare under warranty but NOT REFUNDABLE under point 3.
According to the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations of 2000, “The consumer has the right to cancel and returned within 7 days, a majority of goods and services. Term is counted from the date of the contract to the day following the date of delivery of the goods.”
2.1. If you wish to cancel your order, please inform us through online form within 7 days. We will not accept order cancellations by phone.
2.2 After the official approval of the cancellation sent to our email, the customer is obligated to return the goods back to our contact address at his or her own cost and risk. Goods can be sent only AFTER a confirmation email is sent from MISOUI within 3 working days.
We recommend using the services of a transport company such as: DHL or DPD. We recommend these carriers because they have shipping insurance in any case of loss. It is obligatory to provide tracking number, otherwise return will not be accepted.
2.3 We will send the customer information on receiving the consignment to the return address. Payments will be credited to the customer’s account as soon as possible and in any event within 90 days of the contract, provided that the goods are returned in the condition in which they were delivered. We will send you back the product price that was paid by you.
2.4 If the goods are not returned in the condition in which they were sent, we reserve the right to charge the costs to be deducted from the amount of your return. This amount will depend on the condition of the product. If it is worn out and is not suitable for resale, it will be sent to you once again, and the return will not be accepted.
2.5 Products that are returned to us must be returned in the original packaging and with all the given accessories (bag, shoulder strap – if applicable, tags, plastic bag, etc). If the products are damaged in transit from the customer to MISOUI, it is the customer’s responsibility to seek restitution from the carrier used for transport.
2.6 We reserve the right to return products that have been damaged in transit to us. Products must be returned in the packaging in which they are received, in order to adequately protect against damage and from being opened by unauthorized persons. Please ensure that the returned product is adequately packed.

Cancellation of Orders by MISOUI

We reserve the right to cancel the contract between our company and the customer if:
3.1 All of our products are made to order, we do not have extra product in our stock.
3.2 We do not deliver to the customer’s area, the payment is not received in a timely fashion, and/or the bank refused the transaction due to the lack of funds in the customer’s account.
3.3 We will not honor a price paid for goods that resulted from a system error.
3.4 If the order cannot be completed in less than 3 days, the customer will receive an email to the address provided to us with the information of the refund.

Delivery of Goods

4.1 Most of the goods will require a receipt. Tracking numbers are available by logging on to the website, or by contacting us via Contact section.
4.2 Deliveries will be made to the address specified by the customer in the order form. In case of any changes in the delivery address, we must receive an email with the new delivery address. The email should be sent within 24 hours from the moment of purchase. We will try to change the address, but after 24 hours the change of address may not be possible because the package may already be processed and shipped.
4.3 International orders are usually delivered within a week, but customs in certain countries may delay the delivery of the product up to 28 days. If 28 days or more have passed and your order has not been received, please contact us to let us know about the delay. We will deal with the matter as soon as possible. Most orders require a signature.
4.4 We assume no responsibility for a failed delivery due to incorrect address or unavailability of a signature on delivery. If the goods are returned to us for these reasons, we will charge the return to the customer who ordered the product.
4.5 After the order is processed, the customer will be the rightful owner of the product. Everything from this point on will be the responsibility of the customer.
4.6 If the product delivered to you has been damaged in transport, YOU MUST INDICATE IN >span class="apple-converted-space"> CONFIRMATION OF RECIEPT PROVIDED >span class="apple-converted-space"> >span class="apple-converted-space"> PRODUCT IS DAMAGED, or you can refuse to accept it, checking on the receipt that it has been damaged during shipping.

4.7 Within 3 days, the customer must contact us via Contact section so we can explain the procedure, which takes place in such a situation.
4.8 The buyer pays all customs and taxes. The amounts of individual fees will be charged in accordance with the provisions governing the import laws of the country.

Responsibility of the Customer

6.1 If the goods delivered are: not what you ordered, damaged, defective, or the delivery is of an incorrect quantity, MISOUI is not responsible until the customer sends an email to info[at]misoui.com – and until we send a confirmation of receipt.
Payments: 7.1 Payments can be made via credit/debit card. We also accept bank transfers. Debit and credit card payments will be subject to the control of AVS. If the card issuer does not confirm the payments, shipment may be delayed. It is therefore imperative that billing information is properly written at the time of the order.
7.2 all payments are checked prior to shipment, the shipment may sometimes be delayed if payment is delayed due to the fault of the bank.
7.3 if the payment information is different from your billing address you may be subject to stricter security checks, which sometimes slow shipping.
Events Beyond Our Control: 8.1 MISOUI shall not be liable for any failure to deliver good already ordered or delayed and any damage or defects of the delivered goods, which are cause by any event or circumstance beyond our control. These events include, but are not limited to, legal restrictions, customs, strikes, riots and other industrial disputes, breakdown of systems or network access, flood, fire, explosion, or accident.
9. Privacy The customer acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the terms of our privacy policy. The information that the customer submits to the website will be processed only by EG Creative Design, which owns MISOUI. Customers who opt for our newsletter will receive offers to their specified email addresses. Customers can withdraw their email addresses from the database by contacting us via section Contact. Terms of MISOUI Products and HOMME by MISOUI, entire agreement:
Customer agrees to accept all terms and regulations of MISOUI.
Please note that all other institutions that deal with the sale and manufacturing of our products have different sale and return policies. The rules (as stated above) only apply to the sales of the store www.misoui.com.

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